Providing professional services for Wisconsin juvenile justice


The Wisconsin Juvenile Court Intake Association is a professional association for intake workers and juvenile justice professionals. There are two membership categories.

Active Membership refers to those who perform in whole or in part any of the duties of Juvenile Court Intake Worker as defined in 938.067 and 48.067 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Associate Membership refers to those who are engaged in whole or part in any aspect or works within Wisconsin's juvenile justice system, social services, mental health or education systems, and who are not eligible for active membership.

To join WJCIA fill in the membership application, submit it online, print off the submission confirmation, and send the confirmation with a check for $20 payable to WJCIA to:

Cindy Waller
Eau Claire County
Children's Court Division
721 Oxford Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703

For further information you may contact Cindy at (715) 839-5172 or email Cindy Waller. Join WJCIA by attending our annual conference (a one year membership is included in your registration) or download the linked membership application form and follow the included directions.

Membership Application Form