Providing professional services for Wisconsin juvenile justice


WJCIA is involved in coordinating and providing both Basic Intake Training and Advanced Intake Training to members and non-members of the Association

Basic Intake Training is offered multiple times annually. The three day face-to-face training is designed to provide a new intake worker with the following specialized training on the law relating to juveniles and how to apply it:

1. taking, holding, and releasing a child or juvenile in custody 2. timelines for the intake process 3. establishing jurisdiction in Chapters 48 and 938 4. understanding the elements of a crime for delinquent acts.

All registration for the WJCIA “Basic Intake Worker Trainings” is now being completed in the PDS Online registration system. If you do not have an automatic PDS Online account (generated via your EWISACWIS account) and need to create a self-registration account please do so by following this link:

Please remember that prior to registering for any 3 day face to face “WJCIA Basic Intake Worker Training” you must register for the “Basic Intake Worker Legal Affairs Online Training”. Registration for the “Basic Intake Worker Legal Affairs Online Training” can be completed at the following link:

Registration for a session of the 3 day face to face “WJCIA Basic Intake Worker Training” can be completed by clicking on the following links:

For more information about Basic Intake Worker Training follow the links below.

Basic Intake Training
Training Overview
Certification Requirement
Online Training
Registration Information

Advanced Intake Training is designed to provide information on topics and techniques useful to practicing intake workers. It is offered on a biennial basis.