Providing professional services for Wisconsin juvenile justice

Certification Requirements

When a county hires a new worker, it is the employer's legal responsibility to notify the Department of Children and Families via the Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System at the time that a new intake worker is hired or re-assigned. The worker has six months from the date of hire to complete both the two day online training and the three day classroom training. Notification of Employment or Assignment of Juvenile Court Intake Worker forms should be sent to

Darin Smith WI Child Welfare Professional Development System 445 Henry Mall Suite 518 Madison, WI 53706 (608) 890-1594

After a worker is hired, they will need to complete the “Basic Intake Worker Legal Affairs Online Training” on PDS Online. Registration for this course can be completed at the following link:

Before beginning the training, the worker will need to download the latest versions of Chapter 48 & Chapter 938 that will be used and referenced throughout the online training. These two chapters will also need to be brought to the three day face-to-face training. These two chapters can be found at these links:

When the worker has completed all of the modules in the online training, they will need to go back to PDS Online and launch the online training again. This time, click on the green button called “Certify completion of Legal Affairs Online Training”. This process will automatically notify the worker and their supervisor. The worker must complete the online training at least seven days before the face-to-face training, or risk not being allowed to attend the three day face-to-face training.

For more Basic Intake Worker training information follow these links:

Online Training
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