Providing professional services for Wisconsin juvenile justice

Training Overview

The Division of Juvenile Corrections, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Juvenile Court Intake Association, the Department of Children and Families, and the Wisconsin Child Welfare Training System has developed a two day online training entitled 938/48 Legal Affairs on the Legal Aspects of Child Welfare as the first two days of the five day Basic Juvenile Court Intake Worker Training. The Division of Juvenile Corrections will continue to partner with the Wisconsin Juvenile Court Intake Association to provide the remaining three days of the intake training in accordance with DOC Administrative Rule 399. This training continues to meet requirements pursuant to 48.06 and 938.06.

Participants Will Learn:
Titles and Legislative purpose;
Powers and duties of intake workers and disposition workers;
Definitions of terms used in juvenile court;
Abused and neglected children definitions, reporting requirements;
Jurisdiction, rights, and venue;
How to refer appropriate cases to Chapter 51 or 55;
Orders applicable to adults;
Compulsory school attendance and enforcement;
Timelines for filing petitions with the court and sending notice to victims;
Types of court hearings;
Consent decrees, informal agreements, adjudication, and dispositions;
Parental liability;
Overview of the Criminal Codes.

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